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’Measuring Neurophysiological Signals in Aircraft Pilots and Car Drivers’ Seminar

Publication Date 2018-08-02
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The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) held a lecture on 'Measuring Neurophysiological Signals in Aircraft Pilots and Car Drivers' at ASC’s Conference Room on 27 July 2018.

The ASC Board Chairman Dr. Hong-Tsu Young invited Dr. Tsung-Min Hung from the Department of Physical Education, National Taiwan Normal University to deliver an address about pilot’s low performance mental state (e.g., high workload, lack of SA, fatigue) that plays a role leading to many aviation occurrences and sharing his research experience of developing physiological signal detection.

Professor Hung’s professionalism and incisive presentation brought different perspectives and gains to ASC’s investigators. The ASC staffs also took this opportunity to ask Professor Hung and discuss the relevant issues enthusiastically.


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