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Published Final Report of Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s Train No. 118 at Huanhe Road Level Crossing on June 26, 2020

Publication Date 2022-05-20
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At 1337, on June 26, 2020, Train No. 118 of Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) passed through the Huanhe road level crossing in Changhua County and collided with a truck. The locomotive and the truck fell into the drainage ditch, and three passenger cars derailed. The train and the truck drivers suffered minor injuries. All passengers were safe.


In accordance with the Transportation Occurrences Investigation Act, R.O.C., and the definition of major transportation occurrences specified therein, the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board was the independent agency in charge of investigating the railway accident. The agencies (institutions) invited to participate in the investigation included the Taiwan Sugar Corporation, the Railway Bureau, MOTC, and Changhua County Government. This final report was reviewed and approved by the 35th TTSB Board meeting on February 11, 2022.



This investigation report summarizes three categories of investigation findings based on factual information and comprehensive analyses collected during the investigation period: findings related to probable causes, findings related to risk, and other findings.


Findings related to probable causes

  1. The truck driver didn’t follow Article 104 of Regulation for Road Traffic Safety, reducing driving speed when approaching the level crossing, minding the coming trains from both sides by the manners of waiting, and watching and listening 3-6 meters away from the track before crossing. The truck driver attempted to pass through the level crossing before the train arrived. Then the train collided with the truck on the level crossing and derailed.


Findings related to risk

  1. Unprotected Railroad Crossing Sign is not installed on both north and south sides of the level crossing of Huanhe road by Article 36 of Regulation for Road Traffic Sign Marking and Signal Installation.


Other findings

  1. The onboard recorder is not calibrated regularly by TSC. The recorded data can’t display the actual situation of the train operation.
  2. A small-capacity memory card is used in the onboard camera. The power supply of the onboard camera was not switched off after the accident. The images of the accident were overwritten.


Safety Recommendations

To Changhua County Government

  1. Install the appropriate traffic sign around railway level crossing within the country according to the Regulation for Road Traffic Sign, Marking, and Signal Installation.
  2. Disseminate to follow the road traffic regulations when passing Taiwan Sugar Corporation railway level crossings to road users.
  3. Consider installing technology detection equipment around the level crossing of Huanhe road, banning those violators.


To The Taiwan Sugar Corporation

  1. Calibrate the onboard recorder periodically, to ensure the record of train operation data is validated.
  2. Use larger-capacity memory cards and establish a procedure of switching off the onboard camera power supply after an accident as soon as possible to save the image of the accident completely.


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