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Ongoing Investigations
Information needs to be filled
Information needs to be filled
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NO. Date Title Aircraft Model Location Status Report
01 2021-05-10 UNI AIR Flight B7-9091 Aviatio... Avions De Transport Regional/ATR72-600 Matsu Nangan Airport Factual Collection
02 2021-03-09 B-AAA01408 Drone Occurrence UAV/AVIX AXH-E230 ocean/Sea near the mouth of the Tamsui River Factual Collection
03 2021-01-07 AJ-2199 Ultra-light Vehicle Oc... Ultra Light/AeroJones CTLSi Outside Airport/Sandimen Township, Pingtung County Factual Collection
04 2020-12-30 Elitavia Malta Bombardier Glob... Bombardier/BD700 Taichung Airport Factual Collection Factual Data Report
05 2020-06-14 China Airlines Flight CI202 Oc... Airbus Industrie/A330-302 Taipei International Airport/Airport / RWY 10 at Taipei Shogshan Airport Analysis Preliminary Report
06 2019-05-30 China Airlines CI922 Occurrenc... Airbus Industrie/A330-302 Outside Airport/VHHH/HKG approx.ESE 87 nautical miles Analysis Preliminary Report