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Privacy & Security Policy

Publication Date 2019-08-07
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■Making Public, Sharing, and Using User Data
Under no circumstances will the TTSB Website sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal data to any organization or individual. Based on the principles of its Privacy Policy, however, the TTSB Website will make use of your personal data only under the following circumstances:
• Provision of Additional Services or Special Offers: In order to provide you with additional services or special offers, it may be necessary to provide your personal data to third party providers of the said services or offers. The TTSB Website will provide a complete explanation during the period of the event or offer, and notify you before data is collected so that you may freely choose whether or not to accept the service or offer in question.
• Statistics and Analysis: The TTSB Website uses its user registration data, questionnaires, marketing activities, and server logs to conduct internal analysis regarding the number of users, their interests, and on-line behavior. These studies are based on overall user data and involve statistical procedures. Results are used as a reference to improve the quality of services, and no analysis will be performed on individual user data, nor will specific individual data be used as the basis for statistical analysis.
• For reasons of public security, if a judicial body requests the TTSB to provide information on a specific user, the TTSB will follow formal legal procedures and cooperate as necessary in consideration of the collective security of all users of the TTSB Website.

■Cookie policy
In order to provide personalized service, the TTSB Website uses cookies to store and, in some circumstances, track user data. A cookie is a small file sent from a website to the user’s web browser, and is stored on the user′s hard drive. Users can select or adjust their cookie settings using the "Tools - Advanced" menu in Netscape, or the "Internet Settings - Security" menu in Internet Explorer. Users may choose to accept all cookies, to be notified when a server sends a cookie, or to reject all cookies. If a user chooses to reject all cookies, it might not be possible for that user to access certain personalized services or to participate in certain activities on the TTSB Website. Generally speaking, the TTSB Website will write or read a cookie in a user’s web browser under the following circumstances:
• To provide better, more personalized services: In order to facilitate use of the site′s personalized features or interactive events, the TTSB Website may write a cookie when a user registers or logs on, and update it when he or she logs off.
• To analyze the number of visitors and their browsing habits: The TTSB Website may write a cookie in order to understand which pages visitors are using, thus allowing improvement of the site.

■Your Responsibility in Protecting Your Privacy
Please safeguard your username, password, and personal data. Do not reveal any personal information, particularly passwords, to anyone. After using any of the TTSB Website′s member services, please remember to log off properly before leaving the TTSB site. If you share a computer with another user, or use our services on a public computer (such as in a public library, school computer lab, or Internet caf?, please remember to close the browser to prevent other users from reading your personal information and e-mail, or accessing member-only areas.

■Revisions to the Privacy Policy
The TTSB Website will update its privacy policies from time to time in response to changes in privacy regulations. In the event of any major revision to the site′s privacy policy, the TTSB Website will post a notice on the site to inform users regarding details of the revision.

■Information on this Privacy Policy
If you would like to express an opinion or ask a question about the TTSB Website′s privacy policy, data collection and use, or user data update procedures, please call 02-89127388 during office hours, or send an e-mail to the site′s Opinions mailbox.


Dear Internet User:
Welcome to the website of the Aviation Safety Council, ROC Executive Yuan (hereinafter called the "TTSB Website".) In order to ensure your privacy, the TTSB has established a Privacy Policy for its Website(s). The following will detail the TTSB′s policies and principles concerning the collection, use, and protection of user data provided by visitors to this website and extended service sites. Please read it carefully.
■Scope of Use
The following privacy policies apply when you are browsing the TTSB Website (any page with the domain name and extended service sites (such as These policies concern the collection, use, and protection of personal data. The said policies shall not apply to any activity you might initiate by virtue of passing to a different website as the result of a search on a TTSB web page or by other means, however. Protection of your personal data while browsing other web pages depends on the individual privacy policies of the websites involved.
■Data Collection
Depending on the service being provided, all or part of the following user data may be collected from visitors:
• User Registration: When you register to become a member of this site, you will be asked for some personal information, including your name, ID number, date of birth, gender, user name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, and interests.

• Online Events and Questionnaires: When you participate in an online event or answer a questionnaire or survey, you may be asked to provide your name, ID number, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Some events may be limited to registered members.
Additionally, if you click on a banner ad or link on the TTSB Website, other websites or organizations have their own privacy policies concerning personal data you provide in order to participate in a prize draw, competition or promotional event sponsored by the said third party organizations or websites. The handling of such data is not covered by the privacy policies relating to the TTSB Website, and the TTSB Website cannot be responsible for any consequences.
• General Browsing: While you are browsing the TTSB Website, the server will automatically produce a log file. This file includes your IP address, duration of visit, browser version used, and record of your browsing behavior. Information about pages viewed and time spent on-site is used to improve the quality of the TTSB Website content and service.

• Other: If you write to the TTSB, or express an opinion to the TTSB via another channel, we will retain a record of the communication and its disposition. The TTSB Website′s privacy policy does not cover any personal information, such as name or e-mail address, that you may provide to other users while on the TTSB Website′s discussion boards.

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