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Publication Date 2019-08-09
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In order to promote transportation safety through an independent and impartial investigation of aviation, railway, marine, and highway occurrences, “The Organization Act of Taiwan Transportation Safety Board” and “Transportation Occurrences Investigation Act” was promulgated on April 24, 2019. Accordingly the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB), an independent organization of the government, was established on August 1, 2019.

The TTSB consists of nine to eleven Board Members. Five Full-time Board Members, one of them is Chairperson and another as Vice Chairperson to assist the Chairperson with the operations of TTSB; the rest four to six are Adjunct Board Members.

Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Full-time Board Members are appointed by the Premier of the Executive Yuan. Adjunct Board Members are assigned by the Premier respectively from related agencies, and universities. All of them will serve a four-year term and are allowed to be reappointed.


Duties of the TTSB are as the followings:

  1. Managing the transportation occurrences notification, investigation, causes analysis and identification, writing investigation reports as well as issuing transportation safety recommendations.
  2. Analyzing the trend of transportation occurrences, monitoring the execution of the safety recommendations, and conducting related safety studies.
  3. Establishing the comprehensive capabilities and techniques for transportation occurrence investigation, including recorders read-out and engineering analysis.
  4. Establishing, revising and abolishing laws and regulations associated with the transportation occurrence investigation.
  5. Coordinating and communicating with transportation occurrence investigation and safety-related organizations nationally and internationally.
  6. Other matters related to the transportation occurrence investigation.



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