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Duties of the Highway Occurrence Investigation Division

Publication Date 2019-08-23
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  1. Planning and executing investigations for major highway occurrences.
  2. Processing occurrence notifications, conducting investigation and analysis, as well as identifying causes for a major highway occurrence.
  3. Proposing investigation reports and recommendations for improving highway safety.
  4. Managing the progress and human resources for all major highway occurrences investigations.
  5. Collecting, managing and studying investigations evidences related to a major highway occurrence.
  6. Planning and executing the professional development of major highway occurrences investigators as well as reviewing their performance.
  7. Contacting and coordinating with domestic and international organizations responsible for investigating highway occurrences.
  8. Drafting and amending legal regulations governing highway occurrence investigations and proposing explanations for regulations.
  9. Addressing other items related to the investigation of major highway occurrences.
Last updated 2019-08-23
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