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The Legislative Yuan passed third reading for the Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act

Publication Date 2004-05-11
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The Legislative Yuan passed third reading for the “Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act” today (May 11), and consequently amended the “Civil Aviation Act”. Thus, the aviation occurrence investigation of the Republic of China has reached a new milestone.

The original authorization for Aviation Safety Council (ASC) to conduct investigations came from chapter 8 of the Civil Aviation Act, and the “Regulations for Aircraft Accident and Serious Incident Investigation”, that was drawn up in accordance with article 84 section 4 of the Civil Aviation Act. There was no independent act for aircraft occurrence investigation.

In western countries, investigation organizations already have separate decrees for the civil aviation act and the investigation act. Hence, ASC drafted the Accident Occurrence Investigation Act, in order to formulate a complete investigation system, to function in manners of justice and impartiality.

The Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act has 5 chapters, with a total of 38 articles, summarized as follows:

1. Chapter 1: General Provisions; 9 articles
2. Chapter 2: Aviation Occurrence Investigation; 14 articles
3. Chapter 3: Review, Revision, and Publication of the Investigation Report; 4 articles
4. Chapter 4: Penalties; 6 articles
5. Supplemental Provisions; 5 articles

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