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EVA AIR BR826 skipped off from taxiway in Kaoshung International Airport

Publication Date 2004-07-12
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The ASC has launched a team to begin an investigation into the occurrence involving EVA AIR BR826 skipped off from taxiway in Kaoshung International Airport.

On July 2, 2004, at 2122 Taipei time, an EVAAIR BR826, Boeing MD90 scheduled passenger flight from Macao to Kaoshung, registration number B17916, skipped off from taxiway A in Kaoshung International Airport after a landing roll on Runway 27. There were 7 crewmembers and 66 passengers on board the aircraft, no one was injured and the aircraft suffered no damage.

This aircraft is wet-leased from UNIAIR to EVAAIR, both the operator (operation control), and the owner of this aircraft is the UNIAIR.

The ASC duty officer received notification on July 2, 2004 at 2150 Taipei local time from the CAA and immediately launched a four-man forward team to the site. The forward team arrived the occurrence site at 0630 July 3, 2004, and commenced the on-site survey, aircraft system functioning tests, preliminary interviews, crew alcohol & drug tests, and dis-assembled the two flight recorders.

Upon the completion of the recorders readout, the ASC held an occurrence categorization meeting on July 9, 2004. After careful evaluation of the available factual data, the ASC classified this occurrence as a Cat. 5 occurrence and commenced an investigation of this occurrence in accordance with Article 2 of the Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act, and Appendix 1, item 13 of the Accident and Serious Incident Investigation Regulation.

Mr. David Lee, an ASC investigator, is assigned as the IIC of this investigation. The ASC will publish relevant information subsequently in accordance with the governing law and regulation.

Coordinator: Investigator Tracy Jen

TEL: 886-2-55475200-167


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