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Far Eastern Air Transport Flight EF182 Occurrence

Publication Date 2004-08-24
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On August 24, 2004, at 0923 local time, Far Eastern Air Transport flight EF182, a MD-82 aircraft, arrived at Sung Shan Airport from Makung, after touch down and rolling, the aircraft ran off the runway. No one was injured and the aircraft suffered no damage.

Aviation Safety Council (ASC) received notification at 0929 local time, and immediately dispatched a go-team to the site.

At 1230 local time the go-team completed phase one site survey, and brought the recorders back to the ASC laboratory for readouts.

ASC shall release more information as the investigation progresses, and related information could be found on our website.

Contact: Tracy Jen
Telephone: (02) 25475200 ext 167

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