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ASC’s Chairman Dr. Kay Yong received the Laura Taber Barbour Air Safety Award in Shanghai

Publication Date 2004-11-17
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The chairman of the Aviation Safety Council (ASC) Dr. Kay Yong today (Nov.16th)has been honored with an award for his achievements. Upon the recommendation of the U.S.-based Flight Safety Foundation, Kay Yong received the Laura Taber Barbour Air Safety Award in Shanghai, where the foundation is holding its annual international air safety seminar Nov. 15-18.

The award was established in 1956 by the late Clifford E. Barbour and his son, Clifford E. Barbour Jr., in memory of the elder Barbour’s wife, a passenger on a DC-3 that struck a mountain in West Virginia in 1945. The award recognizes notable achievements in the field of aviation safety in method, design, invention, study or other improvements. Over the past 48 years, most of the recipients of the award have been Americans. The Flight Safety Foundation recommended Yong because under his leadership, the ASC has become an independent and professional body, projecting an image of fairness, integrity and professionalism.

Chairman Yong was the Aviation Weekly and Space Technology 2002 laureate and also holds the Sir Barnes Wallis Medal, awarded by the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators of Great Britain.

The award not only recognizes Chairman Yong’s performance but also compliment ASC’s overall professionalism.

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