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Announcement of Dr. Weng’s new position as the ASC’s acting Chairman

Publication Date 2005-04-19
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Premier Hsieh has appointed Dr. Weng, the senior board member of the Aviation Safety Council, Taiwan, as the Council’s acting Chairman. Dr. Weng’s appointment became effective immediately, as Dr. Kay Yong, the former Chairman and Managing Director resigned on April 1, 2005. 

As the 1st Chairman of ASC since its establishment on May 25,1998, Dr. Weng has dedicated a great deal of effort in the establishment of the council toward an independent, professional and non-bias investigation agency.Dr. Weng stated that” I shall continue leading the council to enhance flight safety of this region through persistent tracking of safety recommendations issued in the occurrence report. Chairman Weng highly compliments the efforts and contribution of former Chairman Dr. Kay Yong’s and commits that the continuous improvement tradition will be carried out in the future. 

Chairman Weng received his BS degree from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, his MS and PhD degrees of Mechanical Engineering from University of Rochester, U.S.A.

Prior to the Chairman of Aviation Safety Council, Dr. Weng served as the President of National Cheng Kung University, Chairman of National Science Council, Executive Yuan, the Chairman of Industrial Technology Research Institute, his current position is the Chairman of National Applied Research Laboratories.

Media contact: Safety Investigator Tracy Jen
Tel: 25475200-167                                  


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