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The 10th Aviation Safety Council Anniversary Celebration ceremony and Achievement Exhibition

Publication Date 2008-08-07
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The Aviation Safety Council committee held its 10th anniversary ceremony and an achievement exhibition on June 12th, 2008. The exhibition themes include: Introduction to investigation laboratory, flight animation system, integrated flight information system, metallographic analysis, on-site investigation operations, investigation equipment, investigation procedures, investigation reports, legal operation achievement, civil aviation statistics, the operation and report handling process of Taiwan Confidential Aviation Safety Reporting System (TACARE), and the process for handling comments and suggestions on flight safety improvement. More than a hundred professionals or experts from different fields were participated in this event.


The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) also invited Mr. Chang, the commissar of the Executive Yuan to make a keynote speech. In his speech, Mr.Chang indicated that there is a significant need for upgrading and improvement of aviation safety in either the domestic civil aviation industries or government agencies. The reducing accident rate from year to year confirmed through an impartial and independent occurrence investigation, coordination with related units and implementation of aviation safety measures can effectively prevent similar occurrence from happening again. The commissar hoped the ASC will continue its independent operation and maintain its capacity to conduct professional investigation to effectively improve transportation safety, which is a main concern of the public. In order to show the determination to protect the lives and property of the citizens, it is the government goal to build up the public confidence in the investigation, allow the professional image the government projects to be carried forward and effectively improve the transportation environment. As a result, the ASC can become the benchmark for other transportation safety investigation departments in the future.

In the welcome speech, the ASC chairman, Dr. Jing-shown Wu, also emphasized that, “The only way to change and improve our flight safety is through a thoroughly and in-depth occurrence investigation As today in the 21st century, the concept of global village has become popular in aviation industry, as a global citizen,it is our duty to make best efforts of ensuring the Taiwanese domestic flights and regional flight safety, through investigating accidents. Aviation safety improvement is an endless process. Every one who involved in the civil aviation should learn lessons of the past to avoid the same mistakes again; hence, to make every passenger to fly in a relieved and safer way.”

Mr. Voss, President and CEO of the Flight Safety Foundation, was also invited to give a speech at the celebration ceremony. In his appraisal, Mr. Voss commended ASC for the continuous improvement on the investigation techniques and investigation equipments, as well as the highly positive evaluation and reputation among all the international occurrence investigation authorities. Mr. Voss also urged the aviation industry to continue moving towards the highest safety standards and work harder for better flight safety improvement measures.

After the celebration ceremony, all participants were escorted by ASC interpreters to the exhibition. All activities in this anniversary celebration party were ended successfully at 1600 local time.

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