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EVA Airways Flight BR 757 Occurrence Initial Report

Publication Date 2010-02-28
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On February 26, 2011, Eva Airways passenger flight 757, an Airbus A330-200 registration B-16303 took off from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport for Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. After landing on Runway 06 at 2249 Taipei local time, the left main gear skid off the runway temporarily, but was brought back on to runway right after. After contacting tower the aircraft taxied to taxiway for inspection. No damage was found on the aircraft and people on board were not injured. Runway inspection showed that between Runway distance marking 9000 and 8000 feet, tyre marking was observed on the grass to the left side; in addition, a runway edge light on the end of taxiway S3 was found separated from its dock.

Aviation Safety Council launched the on-scene team right after the notification from Flight Operation Division at Taoyuan Airport. The team arrived at the airport at 0120 the next morning. Flight crew were interviewed; cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder were removed from the aircraft for further investigation; ATC data are collected. The team also conducted runway inspection, measurements, and initial evidence collection. ASC has determined that event is an occurrence defined by the “Aviation Occurrence Act”. .The Investigator-In-Charge has been assigned to this investigation pursuant to article 11 of the Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act. Other factual information will be published after completing of the factual report.

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