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Initial report of Ultra-light aircraft GT-400 accident on March 6, 2011

Publication Date 2011-03-11
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On March 6, 2011, an ultra-light aircraft, type GT-400, made a forced landing on a farm at No.5-3, Sinan, Cigu Dist., Tainan City. One operator was onboard. Around 1630L the aircraft took off from the neighborhood near Shih’erdian Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City; around 1650L, the aircraft crashed into the aforementioned farm, which is about 7.5 km northwest from the departure field. The nose gear of the aircraft was damaged, the main structure of the fuselage was crushed, and the tail of the two propeller blades were broken. The operator was minor injured.

At 1952L, Aviation Safety Council was informed of this occurrence by a fax from the CAA, Taiwan and immediately launched the on-scene team. The team arrived at the occurrence location the next morning. Witnesses and the operator were interviewed. The team conducted site survey and wreckage inspection. ASC has determined that event is an occurrence defined by the “Aviation Occurrence Act”. The Investigator-In-Charge has been assigned and the investigation process has been launched.
Further information related to the occurrence will be published after the completion of the investigation.

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