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EVA Airways Flight BR 702 Occurrence Initial Report

Publication Date 2012-03-26
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On March 25, 2012, EVA Airways passenger flight 702, a B747-400 registration B-16411 took off from Taoyuan International Airport at 10:44 Taipei time for Shanghai Putong Airport. At 10:55, when the aircraft climbed up to an altitude of 20,800 feet at 40 nautical miles northeast of An-bu, a warning message of cabin altitude anomaly showed up on cockpit instruments. The flight crew members immediately put on oxygen masks, performed emergency descent procedures and declared ”emergency”. The aircraft returned and had a safe landing at Taoyuan International Airport at 11:28.

When notified at 11:45, ASC immediately set up a Go-team heading to Taoyuan International Airport to proceed with on-site data and evidence gathering. Based on data collected on site, ASC identified the event an aviation occurrence according to Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act, and with reference to ICAO Annex 13. Initial interviews to pilots, aircraft inspection and removal of CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) and FDR (Flight Data Recorder) have been completed. The investigation team will set up working groups in areas of expertise in flight operation, maintenance, cabin safety and recorders.

The factual data related to the occurrence will be released after the factual data report is completed.

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