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‘2012 Flight Safety Information Exchange Seminar’

Publication Date 2012-04-11
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’2012 Flight Safety Information Exchange Seminar’ was held by the Aviation Safety Council, Executive Yuan, at the International Conference Hall, 15th floor of Dapinglin Joint Development Building, Xindian District of New Taipei City on April 11, 2012 .

ASC Chairman Dr. Yu-Hern Chang gave an opening speech at the opening ceremony.  The purpose of holding the first-ever Flight Safety Information Exchange Seminar last June was to share the flight safety information ASC has collected and analyzed through the past investigations, Chairman Chang said.  Moreover, in a recently issued State Safety Program (SSP), one of the most significant projects is to establish an information sharing platform to achieve flight safety and culture through sharing various information on safety management.  With ASC’s continuous efforts to hold this event for a second year in a row, and to expand the scope of information exchange, the seminar this year is extended to two days and will have speakers from industry, academia, and military to bring additional benefits to participants by discussing aviation safety from different points of view.

On the first day of the seminar, two civil aviation managers, Danny Ho of EVA Airways Flight Safety Division and Dong-ming Liu of China Airlines Flight Safety Division  gave presentations on `the Applications of HFACS during Accident Investigations’ and ‘A Review of Aviation Risk Management and Flight Safety Quality Assurance from FOQA’ respectively.  On the second day, besides experts from EVA Airways, China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines and TransAsia Airways, ASC invited Professor Bo-Xiung Lin of National Taiwan University and Air Force Master Sergeant Chia-Ching Tsai to give keynote speeches on ‘The Observation and Diagnosis of the Flight Safety with High Resolution Atmospheric Numerical Models and the Existing Meteorological Observation Network in Taiwan’ and “The Introduction and Application of the Air Force’s Existing Recorder Models and Decipher Software” respectively.

The topics in this seminar included ‘Flight Safety Statistics Analysis‘, ‘Runway Excursion’, ‘Contaminated Runway’, ‘Aircraft Structure Damage’, ‘Helicopter Occurrences’, ‘Air Traffic Control Issues’, ‘Fatigue Management’ and ‘Flight Data Analysis and Application’.  An emphasis was on ‘Runway Excursion’; according to ASC statistics, runway excursion occurrences have the highest number among the national civil aviation occurrences (nine) in past ten years (2002-2011), counting roughly 30% of the total occurrences. ASC would like to bring up this topic and hope for more attentions and responses from the participants.

Ultimately Chairman Chang informed participants of ASC’s reorganization status that Aviation Safety Council, Executive Yuan will be renamed as ‘Flight Safety Investigation Council’ (Chinese translation, the official English name will be Aviation Safety Council still) on May 20th, 2012 to become an independent organization. Though the name is changed, the nature of ASC remains the same to keep making efforts on improving flight safety with altruistic, grateful and humble attitude. At the same time ASC would keep the same vision and the core values of independence, integrity, professionalism, internationalism, and in search of excellence.  The objective of ‘World-class Flight Safety’ would be surely achieved through the cooperation of the national civil aviation authorities and the aviation industry with ASC.

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