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2nd Asian Society for Air Safety Investigators Seminar

Publication Date 2013-06-13
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'2nd Asian Society for Air Safety Investigators (the so called AsiaSASI) Seminar' was held the by Aviation Safety Council, at International Conference Hall, 15th floor of Dapinglin Joint Development Building, Xindian on June 13, 2013 .

The opening ceremony was hosted by ASC Chairman Dr. Yu-Hern Chang who gave opening speech that AsiaSASI is a pretty young association, the first idea of forming an Asian regional chapter of ISASI (International Society of Air Safety Investigators) was brought up at 2007 ISASI conference held in Singapore and acquired encouraging responses from members. The AsiaSASI then formally established in 2009 aiming at promoting aviation safety, sharing experience on aircraft occurrence investigation and exchanging safety information.

The first AsiaSASI seminar was held in Singapore in 2012, the ASC is very honored to have this opportunity to hold the second one in Taiwan. The theme of this year’s seminar is “Advancing the Technologies for Future Investigation” and the topics include case studies on runway incursion events, in-flight upset recovery, investigator training on extreme weather, and safety management system from airline perspective. Chairman Chang hoped that through the information exchange and experience sharing taken place in this seminar, every one of us can be benefited and make the best use of it in our future works in safety management, occurrence prevention and safety improvement.

Ultimately Chairman Chang recommended participants of foreign friends to see and discover more of the Taipei city, and will be surprised by so many beautiful sightseeing places, mixtures of traditional and modern culture, 24-hour book store, delicious local food, and most importantly, our friendly people, and wish everyone have a memorable stay in Taiwan.?

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