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TransAsia Airways Flight GE 5111 Occurrence Initial Report

Publication Date 2013-07-04
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On July 1st, 2013, TransAsia Airways passenger flight 5111, an ATR-72 airplane, registration number B-22806, took off from Songshan Airport at 1618 Taipei time for Magong Airport. After the aircraft took off, an ‘OVERHEAT AIR’ caution light illuminated, the flight crew informed Air Traffic Control (ATC) and requested for air turn back. During the flight crew performed the abnormal procedure, the ‘ELECTRIC SMOKE’ warning signal sounded, the flight crew declared Pan Pan and requested for priority landing to Songshan Airport. The aircraft returned and safe landed at Songshan Airport at 1631. The aircraft had no damage and people on board without injuries.

After receiving the notification, Aviation Safety Council (ASC) immediately launched an on-scene team heading to Songshan Airport. The on-scene team completed initial flight crew and cabin crew interviews, aircraft system ground simulation, and removal of CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) and FDR (Flight Data Recorder). ASC identify the event is an aviation occurrence according to Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act, and with reference to ICAO Annex 13. The Investigator-In-Charge and investigation team has been assigned to this investigation.

The factual data related to the occurrence will be released after the factual data report is completed.

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