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TransAsia Airways Flight GE 222 Occurrence Progress Report (1)

Publication Date 2014-07-25
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The investigation progress of flight GE 222 today (7/25) for respective working groups is as follow:
The flight operations group continually interviewed witnesses, and collected and confirmed the relevant flight documents.
The maintenance group and wreckage transportation group were ongoing the wreckage cutting and in placement. Currently, nearly half of the wreckage have been relocated. The large pieces of engines, vertical tail wing and landing gears still at the scene. All the wreckage on scence will be cleaned up in one or two days.
Air traffic control and weather group have completed meteorological and air traffic control personnel interviews, continually compare and confirm the weather information of the day of occurrence.
The recorders group has completed the dissembling of the two recorders in accordance with the recorder disassembled procedures and completed the downloading. The group will check whether the data inside undamaged and start to read-out, meanwhile doing the time synchronization. It is estimated to be completed within three working days.

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