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TransAsia Airways Flight GE 222 Occurrence Progress Report (3)

Publication Date 2014-07-26
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The investigation progress of flight GE 222 today (7/26) for respective working groups is as follow:
The measurement group has completed the locating and measurement of the rest of the wreckage.
The maintenance group has completed the relocation of all the remaining wreckage to Magong Air Force Base and discussed the reconstruction of the important wreckage with relevant agencies.
The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) equipped in the aircraft provided 2-hour recordings.  The last 30 minutes was consisted of four high quality channels which could record the sounds of cockpit, cabin and passenger announcement system. The recorder group will compare the communications between flight crew and air traffic controller then conduct the time synchronization. The aircraft was also equipped with a Solid-State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) and about 180 parameters was recorded.

The ASC invited seven foreign investigators, two from BEA, four from ATR and one from P&WC to participate the investigation.  All of the seven investigators have arrived in Taiwan and will fly to Magong today after discussing with ASC’s investigators.  They will be accompanied by the Investigator-In-Charge to the Magong Air Force Base, main wreckage area and other debris fall zones.

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