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'2014 Annual Press Conference of the Aviation Safety Council'

Publication Date 2014-12-29
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The Aviation Safety Council held its annual press conference on Dec. 23, 2014. 

The ASC Chairman Dr. Yu-Hern Chang shared the national flight safety statistics in recent years. According to the aviation safety statistics, from 2004 to 2014, Taiwan civil aviation transportation category turbofan aircraft hull loss occurrence rate drops from 2.72 per million departures to 0.58 per million departures, which is lower than the global average of 0.61. As for turbine propeller aircraft, both in per million hours and in per million departures, it maintained zero hull loss occurrences rate for several years. But TransAsia Airways passenger flight GE 222 occurrence this July indicates that national turbine propeller aircraft flight safety still needs improvement. ASC would investigate GE 222 occurrence with rigorous attitudes. The GE 222 factual data draft report was approved in the ASC Board meeting in this month. The factual data report will be published as soon as possible after the investigation team's completion of the last part of data verifacation. The next step will be based on the factual information to conduct investigation analysis and identify probable causes of occurrence and submit safety recommendations. Hope the civil aviation industry can learn from this occurrence, and face all the problems within the organization preventing the recurrence of similar occurrences.

Although ASC is only an occurrence investigation authority, but over the years it would keep making efforts on improving flight safety. In investigation, regardless of the severity of cases, safety recommendationws will be certainly controled by the most stringent standards. In addition, for occurrences prevention purpose, ASC investigators have organized different research teams to find the significant issues from the past investigation. The results of the studies will be published in our training, journal, or seminar to share with our friends from aviation industry.

Furthermore, starting in January of 2014, ASC published the 'Journal of Aviation Safety and Management'. Authors from industry and academia establish a both theory and practical environment for papers published, including flight safety and management related issues. The Journal has published 4 issues.
As year of Goat is approaching, Dr. Chang shared his new year wishes with all attendants: first of all, refresh ouselves and justify our minds; second, make postive changes by abandoning evil annd promoting goodness; third: devote ourselves into our professions and be skillful, in a fast-paced world filled with uncertain circumstances.

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