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TransAsia Airways Flight GE 235 Occurrence (1)

Publication Date 2015-02-08
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The investigation progress of flight GE235(2/7~8) respective working groups is as follows:

Flight Operation Group: the group interviewed some TNA pilots, listen to the CVR recording. Review ATR SOP and procedure; obtain ATR-600 training procedure.

Airworthiness Group: the group surveyed the storage site for key components .PWC Advisor informed a preliminary engineering analysis was performed, and a technical support team is ready to be dispatched to perform troubleshooting and secured Display Unit NVMs.

ATS Group: prepared interview notes, verify ATC transcript and reviewed weather data and requested for LLWAS data.

Survival Factors Group: collected cabin documentation and updated victim pathological information. Further interviewed with the injured passenger

Wreckage Group: All wreckages were tagged with numbers to develop a wreckage database. No. 1, 2 engines Multi-Function Computers were removed for further test and inspection. All IC boards were kept in water to prevent corrosion. The No. 1, 2 engines cowling were removed to access engine placards.

Recorders Group: Conducted draft CVR transcript. The group also starts to review the previous legs on the FDR.       

On February 4, 2015, Trans Asia Airways passenger flight GE 235, an ATR 72-600 aircraft, B-22816, took off from Songshan Airport at 1051 Taipei time for Kinmen Airport carrying two pilots and one observer with 2 cabin crews and 53 passengers. Total 58 persons onboard. Three minutes after takeoff, the aircraft lost contact and crashed into Keelung River. According to emergency response unit, 35 death and 8 persons unaccounted until now.


The above information are preliminary and subject to change.   



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