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TransAsia Airways Flight GE 235 Occurrence (1)

Publication Date 2015-02-09
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The investigation progress of flight GE235(2/9) respective working groups is as follows:

Flight Operation Group: the group prepared simulator test/validation plans, review training syllabus, training records. The group also review A/C systems, engine failure checklist, CRM training documents, and interview with TNA pilots. The group assisted recorder group on CVR transcript draft. The group will conduct interview and review FDR data.

Airworthiness Group: the group surveyed the storage site for key components. The AFU and F/U box will be removed and engine connectors and harness adapters will be checked.

Survival Factors Group: the group has all pathological reports on 40 victims, and has conducted interviews with 7 pax. The group will interview with rescuers.

Wreckage Group: the group assisted airworthiness group on engine component tests.

Recorders Group: the group continued to draft CVR transcript, created a wreckage Data Base, and collected site data and superposed them with map and FDR tracks. The group also assisted wreckage recovery group to remove onboard NVM chips. The group would like to request national controlled data set for detailed terrain info and aerial photos.       


On February 4, 2015, Trans Asia Airways passenger flight GE 235, an ATR 72-600 aircraft, B-22816, took off from Songshan Airport at 1051 Taipei time for Kinmen Airport carrying two pilots and one observer with 2 cabin crews and 53 passengers. Total 58 persons onboard. Three minutes after takeoff, the aircraft lost contact and crashed into Keelung River. According to emergency response unit, 40 death and 3 persons unaccounted until now.


The above information are preliminary and subject to change.



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