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Emerald Pacific Airlines B-31127, Bell-206B3 Helicopter Occurrence Initial Report

Publication Date 2015-11-25
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On November 22, 2015, the Emerald  Pacific Airlines, a Bell 206B3 helicopter, national registration B-31127, took off from a temporary landing field at Linkou, New Taipei City at 1042 Taipei local time to Taishan District for cleaning Taiwan Power Company's high-voltage electricity tower insulators. At around 1100, the helicopter crashed near Ln. 606, Sec. 3, Tailin Rd., Taishan District, New Taipei City. One pilot and one water nozzle operator aboard were killed.

After the Aviation Safety Council (ASC) was notified, a Go Team was dispatched immediately to the scene to proceed related data collection. The team performed evidence collection tasks including the site survey, measurements, helicopter structure inspection, wreckage inspection, and witnesses interviews. According to Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act, the ASC identified the event as an aviation occurrence and assigned an Investigator-in-Charge and investigation team to proceed with the occurrence investigation.

The factual data related to the occurrence will be released after the factual report is completed.



Sherry Liu, Engineer

Last updated 2015-11-25
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