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2016 Annul Press Conference of the Aviation Safety Council

Publication Date 2016-03-04
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The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) hosted its annual press conference luncheon on February 25, 2016. During his welcome speech, Chairman Dr. Hwung, noted that Taiwan, like any other country, considers safety its most critical priority. Once it is compromised, Dr. Hwung said, a major disaster becomes more probable. Our turbojet accident rate shows that there was a great improvement in recent years. However, that two major occurrences occurred within consecutive years is a warning and demonstrates that the aviation industry requires further safety improvement as well as everyone's continuous efforts to improve aviation safety, the chairman said.

Dr. Hwung also noted that although it is widely acknowledged that risk can never be completely eliminated, regulators and operators should never compromise safety. Safety inspections and accident prevention should always be the highest priority. Therefore, the technical team of the ASC must continuously uphold its independence, integrity, and scientific attitude in promoting safety in the industry, Dr. Hwung said. The chairman added that it is crucial for the ASC to move forward and take proactive and precautionary accident prevention measures. Starting in 2016, the ASC plans to  establish an  "Aviation Causal Factor Analysis System” research project to focus on quality investigation and investigatory techniques. The research results are set to be shared with the aviation industry in the future.

In closing, Dr. Hwung wished that everyone within the aviation industry would think and act toward creating a safer sky.


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