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National Airborne Service Corps, Ministry of the Interior NA-107 Occurrence Initial Report

Publication Date 2016-03-12
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On March 11, 2016 morning, a National Airborne Service Corps (NASC), Ministry of the Interior Eurocopter/AS365N3 helicopter, registration number NA-107, took off from Song Shan Airport with 6 technician to survey a TS Lines Co cargo ship which lost power on Thursday and ran aground on a shallow reef. At about 13:18, the helicopter crashed into sea approximately 0.3 nautical miles (N25°17', E121°34') north from Shihmen offshore during its passengers retrieved operation. There were 2 flight crew members, a mechanic and 2 rescuers on board.

After the Aviation Safety Council (ASC) was notified, a go team was immediately launched lead by the designated Investigator-in-charge to the occurrence site. The team had completed the witness interview, on board recorder recovery, wreckage recovery, transportation and initial wreckage examination.

In according with the Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act and ICAO Annex 13, parties invited to the investigation include the Coast Guard Administration, NASC, BEA(Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses), and Airbus (Airbus Helicopters). The ASC will hold the organizational meeting on the 14th, March and various investigation groups (Flight Operation, Maintenance, Weather, Survival Factor and Recorder) will be organized. Further information of the occurrence will be published after the completion of the factual report.



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