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‘2016 International Safety Information Exchange Seminar’

Publication Date 2016-08-09
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The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) held the '2016 International Safety Information Exchange Seminar' on August 9, 2016.

Chairman Dr. Hwung-Hweng Hwung of the Aviation Safety Council opened the seminar by saying this was the 6th annual seminar of information exchange on aviation safety since 2011, that main purposes of such seminar were to provide a platform for ASC and colleagues of aviation industries to share experiences and achievements so far, for learning from each other, and thereby upgrading overall aviation safety. Echoing the main theme of this year's seminar “Making Our Sky Safer Through Information Exchange & Lessons Learned”, Chairman Hwung hoped that we could all share a safer sky through information exchange and experiences sharing.

Chairman Hwung emphasized that main elements for improving aviation safety were the gathering, sharing and analysis of relevant information, that information sharing enhanced our understanding of safety risks and enabled us to undertake a more effective analysis of the information available. This was the main reason why we had decided that information exchange and sharing of experiences should be this year's main theme.

For this seminar, in addition to several domestic aviation industrialists speaking on Safety Management, Risk Identification and Flight Operation Monitoring, we also have invited four experts from USA, European Union and Canada to share their experiences by speaking on “Voluntary Data Contributions to Information Sharing”, “Introduction to EASA Voluntary & Mandatory Reporting Systems”, “Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)”, and “Human Factors-Related Occurrences Investigation” respectively.

Chairman Hwung indicated that since US Federal Aviation Administration(FAA), various airlines and trade unions of aviation industry in USA, and US National Transport Safety Board(NTSB)had already signed an agreement to become partners in sharing information on aviation safety, he expected and hoped that Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) and ASC could also work closely together and become partners in sharing information on aviation safety and, thereby, improving the collection, analysis, exchange and protection of information on civil aviation safety.

Chairman Hwung concluded by thanking Flight Safety Foundation-Taiwan, China Airlines and EVA Airways for their sponsor and support, he also expressed his gratitude to all domestic and overseas speakers for their commitment, without their kind help and support, this seminar could not possibly have become a reality. Chairman Hwung finally thanked all distinguished guests for their participation, and expressed the hope that our sky would be safer through all of us working together.

Flight Safety Foundation-Taiwan Chairman Dr. Chih-Wen Fang first echoes what Chairman Hwung mentioned in his remarks, that flight safety data collection, analysis and exchange is a key element to improve flight safety. Flight Safety Foundation-Taiwan established a "Flight Information Committee" last year in order to provide our civil aviation industry, administration, and academia flight safety information more efficiently for risk management usage. Government authority is also promoting Safety Management System (SMS) to improve flight safety trough risk management, and information sharing is one of the key elements in SMS. Flight safety cannot be achieved without cooperation from authorities and operators, continuous learning and experience sharing.


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