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’2017 Flight Data Application and Analysis Seminar’

Publication Date 2017-06-30
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The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) and Flight Safety Foundation-Taiwan (FSF) jointly host the 'Flight Data Application and Analysis Seminar' at ladder classroom, Terminal 2 of Taipei Songshan Airport on 30 June 2017.

The main purpose of this seminar is to promote the flight data analysis, data application and exchange, case study, comparing experiences, and sharing latest technical development relating to flight safety among airlines, Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) and ASC. Hopefully through such information exchange and experience sharing in this seminar, every participant will absorb precious information and make the best use of such information through their value-added implementation in occurrence prevention and improvement of flight safety management. About 40 specialists from civil aviation industries and government agencies participate the seminar.

The speakers of seminar include Mr. Jason Ding, specialist from the Teledyne Shanghai Office, on “Construction and Application of Civil Aviation Flight Quality Monitoring Base Station in Mainland China”; Mr. Wen-Lin, Guan of ASC on “EASA FDM Working Group Activities”; Mr. Li-Chang Chuang of ASC  on “Flight Recorders Survey and Findings of Occurrence Investigation”; Mr. Chia-Wei Kuo of ASC on “Construction of International Flight Database and Safety Management System”; Mr. Yu-Lin Hsiao of Chung Yuan Christian University on “Quantifying the Causation Relationship between Human Negligence and Performance of Aviation Safety”; Mr. Ming-Che Chuang of China Airlines on “FOQA System and Three Major Safety Indicators (CFIT/LOC-I/RE) Monitoring Integration”; and Miss Jenny Zheng of EVA Air on “Flight Operation Performance Assessment System”.

It is the hope of ASC that all participants have learned something valuable from others through this seminar, and that flight occurrence can be prevented and flight safety further improved in the future.



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