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Release 0311 STORCH Ultra-light Vehicle Occurrence Investigation Report

Publication Date 2017-12-22
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The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) releases Final Report on investigation of a private ultra-light vehicle, accident occurred during landing when the operator decided to go around.

On March 11, 2017, a privately owned STORCH S 500 LSA ultra-light vehicle, operated by one operator, took off from an airstrip in Shizhow, Beitou Village, Changhua County, at approximately 1600 hours. This ultra-light vehicle flew over the air space above Choshui River for some time before heading back to the Shizhow airstrip. Accident occurred in the Shizhow airstrip during landing when the operator decided to go around. The operator was wounded and the vehicle was completely destroyed.

The Draft Investigation Report on this occurrence was, following the proper procedure, approved by the 63th Board meeting of the ASC on November 21, 2017.

The conclusion of this occurrence investigation is as follows:

This occurrence vehicle did not hold inspection certificate issued by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA); the operator did not participate in any association of ultra-light vehicle; nor did he possess any certificate authorizing him to operate such vehicle; the occurrence vehicle took off from an illegal airstrip and it did not operate in the legally authorized air space. In short, this was an illegal ultra-light vehicle flight operation.

Upon checking the data recorded by the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) of this vehicle, and interview data of the operator, probable causes of this occurrence related to the airframe or powerplant of this ultra-light vehicle can be ruled out.

Coordinate with the National Police Agency (NPA) that the ASC will actively notify NPA and its regional police precinct asking for guarding accident area to keep the occurrence site integrity in case of any future occurrence involving ultra-light vehicle, and to put a notice board on site to remind the general public not to enter the blockaded occurrence site or remove any item from the wreckage of occurrence vehicle, to ensure the general public safe and to execute occurrence investigation smoothly.


The full Final Report is in Chinese only and available for download at ASC website:


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