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National Airborne Service Corps, Ministry of the Interior NA-706 Occurrence Progress Report (1)

Publication Date 2018-03-02
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On February 5, 2018, the National Airborne Service Corp, Ministry of Interior, conducted an emergency medical service flight with an UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter, registration number NA-706. The helicopter carried 1 patient, 1 family member of the patient, 2 flight crewmembers, 1 mechanic and 1 nurse, totally 6 persons on board.  At 2349, the helicopter took off from Lanyu Airport and lost contact with the control tower three minutes later. After Aviation Safety Council (ASC) was notified, an investigation team was assigned immediately to initiate the occurrence investigation. Related progress is as follows:

The investigation team conducted two batches of the underwater recorder searching operations from February 14 to February 16 and February 18 to February 21. The investigation team confirmed the signal of the recorder was continuing to be sent.

The investigation team carried back a piece of wreckage with dimension 60 by 45 centimeter picked up by a civilian from the Lanyu Island beach and another piece of wreckage with dimension 210 by 80 centimeter recovered by a fisherman from sea near the Green Island. The aforementioned wreckages were part of black hawk helicopter’s main rotor pylon sliding cover and broken left cargo door respectively. Relative positions of wreckages on the fuselage are shown in the figure below.

ASC investigation team was launched again on March 1 to the occurrence site near Lanyu Island to search the occurrence aircraft. Relative information about the occurrence will be updated timely on ASC website.



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