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‘2018 Safety Information Exchange Seminar’

Publication Date 2018-08-07
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The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) held the '2018 Safety Information Exchange Seminar' in the Sherwood Taipei, on August 7, 2018.

Dr. Hong-Tsu Young, Chairman of ASC indicates when addressing the opening ceremony that he was appointed to this post by Premier Lai of the Executive Yuan on July 4, that he was committed not only to safeguarding safety of air travelers, but also to ensuring that families of all passengers would enjoy freedom from anxiety.

The ASC has been convening annual seminar on flight safety information exchange since 2011, and that the underlying purposes of such Seminar remain the same: namely the establishment of superior safety culture and the promotion of aviation safety through the interchange of relevant information on aviation safety and sharing of experiences in technological development, thereby facilitating benevolent interaction between aviation industries, regulatory agencies, and occurrence investigation agencies. Consequently, such seminars have different subjects every year. Several Occurrences in Taiwan over the past few years occurred through fatigue of the flight crew: such as SunRise Airlines B-77088 helicopter crashed to the sea within 1 nautical mile from Kinmen/Shangyi airport, in 2009; China Airlines flight CI5233 belly of aircraft impacted on runway during took off phase of Anchorage international airport, USA, in 2010; Executive Aviation Taiwan Corp. flight B-95995 on charter landed in the Matsu Beigan airport without authorization in 2014; and TransAsia Airways flight GE222 impacted terrain and collided with a residential area northeast of the threshold of runway 20 at Magong Airport, also in 2014. Since fatigue of the flight crew undeniably caused the above-mentioned occurrences, Fatigue Management and Occurrences Investigation became the main subject of this seminar.

Mr. Douglas Mellor from the United Kingdom was invited to speak on “An Overview of Fatigue Risk Management System and Bio-mathematical Fatigue Model”, representatives from Civil aviation authority and airlines addressed “Current Civil Aviation Fatigue Management Policy and Future Development”, and “Fatigue management and Case Study in Airlines”, respectively. The ASC reported on “Bowtie Analysis and Application”, being a software recently developed by ASC for occurrences analysis.

Chairman Young indicated that he had accepted this post as a volunteer; that his first mission would be to protect and ensure the transport safety of all people in Taiwan by promoting the ideas of a Transportation Safety Board to take care of full model of aviation, maritime, railway and highway occurrences investigation. The USA was great by becoming the first country to establish the NTSB; that we were behind by fifty years; that the ASC would continue to work conscientiously to safeguard our aviation safety; and that ASC would follow suit by establishing a forward-looking institution for protecting transportation safety comprehensively in the near future.

Chairman Young finally thanked China Aviation Development Foundation, Flight Safety Foundation-Taiwan and China Airlines for their sponsorship and assistance, without which this seminar could not have become a reality; he also thanked all speakers for their valuable ideas, and appreciated the participation by all distinguished guests; hopefully, such exchange mechanism would continue to ensure aviation safety for Taiwan.


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