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’2018 Aircraft Occurrence Investigators Annual Recurrent Training’

Publication Date 2018-10-16
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The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) holds its annual investigator recurrent training at Taipei headquarter between October 16th and 18th ,2018.  The objectives of the recurrent training are to familiarize ASC investigators’ knowledge to international investigation protocols, while enhancing the investigative techniques in their specializations; therefore, each year ASC will invite either foreign investigation bureau, aircraft manufacturer, flight safety division of airline operators, or a specialization group to give recurrent training to ASC investigators.

This year, Mr. Jérôme PFEIFFER and Mr. Gilles GRANCHER from Toulouse, France based ATR Aircraft will be the training instructors.  Besides ASC investigators, personnel from CAA Taiwan, airline operators, and investigators from Transportation Safety Investigation Bureau (TSIB) Singapore and Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) Malaysia will join the recurrent training this year.

Topics for the 3-day training includes, the ATR Flight Safety Process, Role of the manufacturer in occurrence investigations, Operational aspects and Human factors in investigation, ATR Product Improvement for Safety, investigation experience sharing, and case studies...etc.



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