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The 20th Aviation Safety Council Anniversary Celebration Ceremony:“20 Years to Safety and A Peace of Mind” (1)

Publication Date 2019-01-07
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On 26th December 2018, the ASC hosted a memorable tea party with the theme “20 years and beyond, safety and security” to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Vice President Chen Chien-jen, Executive Secretary Tsai Zse-hong of the Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, and successive chairpersons of the ASC have been invited to give speeches. In addition to the ASC staff, the ceremony also gathered over 100 top management and professionals from the industry, official and university.

The summary of the speeches referred that at the time before the ASC was formed, the country has been through successive major air accidents which resulted in the flight safety being questioned and the civil aviation industry suffering significant losses. To reverse this adversity, the Executive Yuan established the‘Aviation Safety Council’ on 25th May, 1998 to identify safety deficiencies and determine probable causes through comprehensive investigation into the occurrence of civil aircraft. The scope of aircraft to be investigated was then extended to integrate public aircraft and ultra-light aircraft. In order to expedite the legitimation and to cooperate with the government reorganization plan, the Aviation Safety Council completed its legalization process and became officially an independent organization on 20th May, 2012.

The sole objective of the safety investigation is to prevent the recurrence of similar aviation occurrences, so as to ensure a safer sky. Under the leadership and full support of successive chairpersons, each staff was always cautious and conscientious to guard the flight safety.

Over the years the ASC has issued various recommendations concerning the improvement of personnel training, flight environment, navigation aid, and aerodrome facility, as well as the renovation of aircraft design, and necessary amendment to relevant regulations. It not only lowered the domestic accident rate to an outstanding level, but also made substantial contribution to international aviation community. The ASC will keep carrying forward the spirit of “independence, integrity, Professionalism” and apply it into the investigation of marine, railway, and aviation occurrences. Hoping that we can ensure a safer and reliable transportation infrastructure so as to give peace of mind to the public through securing safety.

The celebration reached its climax as Chairman Young, Vice President Chen and the VIPs lightened up a crystal ball in the launching ceremony on the stage. With the ASC staff singing the song “friends” in harmony led by Chairman Young representing the unity and cohesive force of the organization, the ceremony was concluded fruitfully and successfully.


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