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Releases 0708 Skylark IIs Ultra-light Vehicle Occurrence Investigation Report

Publication Date 2019-03-22
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On July 8, 2018, a commercial made Skylark IIS ultra-light vehicle with two persons on board, one operator and one passenger, took off from Hualien County's Daylight Landing Field at about 1600 hours. According to the operator's interview record and the passenger's mobile phone video information, the wind was from southeast at about 6 knots at the time of take-off, the flying altitude was about 300 feet. During turning final, the vehicle was out of control and crashed.


The operator in the occurrence was a member of legal ultra-light vehicle activity association and held valid operation certificate issued by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (hereinafter CAA). However, the vehicle did not hold a valid inspection certificate issued by the CAA. Furthermore, the vehicle did not take off from a legal site. As a result, the operation was an illegal ultra-light vehicle activity.

The investigation team used image analysis software to analyze the mobile phone image data of the passenger and analyze the final stage of the flight path of the occurrence vehicle.

The probable causes of this occurrence were that the occurrence vehicle did not have a valid inspection certificate, and there was no flight manual to explain the operating procedures and performance limitations. The operator operated the vehicle without understanding the performance of the vehicle, overbanking the vehicle at a low altitude and crashed.

Safety Recommendations

To Juridical Association of Hualien County Aviation Association

  1. To advocate and require all members to operate the vehicle with valid inspection certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration;and to operate the vehicle strictly in accordance with the operating procedures and performance limits of the vehicle to ensure the flight safety.


The full Final Report is in Chinese only and available for download at ASC website:


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