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Releases 0902 Powered Paragliding Occurrence Investigation Report

Publication Date 2019-05-22
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On September 2, 2018, an unidentified powered parachute, one operator aboard, departed from Luodong Riverside Leisure Sports Ground, Yilan County. At about 0951 Taipei local time, the vehicle crash into the Loudong River near the Shushu Village of Loudong Town. The vehicle operator sustained fatal injury, the vehicle was bent in the front section of the keel, and the nose wheel was broken.

The Final Report was reviewed and approved by ASC's 78th Council Meeting on April 30, 2019.


The flight was an illegal ultra-light vehicle activity; the weather was good at the time of the accident, the wind speed was very small, the accident should be independent of the weather and the system was normal. The operator may over control the parachute during right turn at low altitude, result in lost controlled and crashed due to high sink rate and high angle of attack.

Safety Recommendations

To Hualien Aeronautic Association

Advocate and claim all members to follow the related regulation of Civil Aviation Administration and conduct similar case study for their members to enhance flight safety.

The full Final Report is in Chinese version only, and available for download at ASC website:


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