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Releases PM1052 Powered Paragliding Occurrence Investigation Report

Publication Date 2019-05-23
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On September 14, 2018, a powered paragliding, control number PM1052, with one operator onboard, took off from a softball field next to the Xiluo Bridge in  Yunlin County at about 1720 Taipei local time. According to the witness, at that time, the wind direction was northwest, and the wind speed was about 6 to 8 mph. When the height above around(AGL) about 30-50 feet, the vehicle started to swing anomaly six to seven times, then the amplitude was getting bigger and bigger. Finally, the vehicle lost control and crashed in a farmland. The operator died after being sent to hospital.

The Final Report was reviewed and approved by ASC's 78th Council Meeting on April 30, 2019.


The operator of the occurrence was a member of legal ultra-light vehicle activity association and held valid operation certificate issued by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (hereinafter CAA), which limited him to operate the certain type of powered paragliding (wing). The ultra-light vehicle (only the paramotor, except the wing), held a valid inspection certificate issued by the CAA and belong to a legal ultra-light vehicle activity association. The airspace of the occurrence is a legal ultra-light vehicle airspace. However, the location he took off was not a legal activity venue, and the time period was not within the time specified by the CAA either. Therefore, this case is not a legal ultra-light vehicle flight activity.

In addition to the valid operation certificate issued by the CAA, the operator of the occurrence has 20 years of experience in flying powered paragliding. However, the wing of the powered paragliding that used by the operator might not be a high stability which he familiar with. When the AGL was about 30-50 feet, the oscillation induced by either gusts or the operator himself, the vehicle was then out of control and crashed. It was probably caused by the operator’s improper operation due to his unfamiliarity with the flight characteristics and operational skills of the wing which intensified the oscillation and resulted the crash.

Safety Recommendations

To: Powered Paragliding Training Association, Republic of China

To promote and request all the members to engage in legal ultra-light vehicle flight activities. Also require them to well understand the operational characteristics of the vehicle in advance and properly trained when operating unfamiliar vehicle to ensure the flight safety.


The full Final Report is in Chinese version only and available for download at ASC website:



Contact:Sherry Liu, Engineer
Tel: 89127388-330

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