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The Preliminary Occurrence Report of the Nanfangao Sea-Crossing Bridge collapsed at Su'ao Township, Yilan County, Taiwan.

Publication Date 2019-10-02
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On October 1, 2019, at about 0930 in the morning, the Nanfangao Sea-Crossing Bridge suddenly collapsed. An oil tank car fell into the sea with the bridge deck, and the car caught fire after falling to the ground. At the same time, the falling bridge deck crushed three fishing boats under the bridge. The accident caused 13 injuries, and 6 fishermen died.

After receiving the notification, the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB) immediately dispatched the investigators to the scene performing evidence collections, conducting personnel interviews as well as collecting relevant information. The TTSB identified that this event was a highway occurrence following the Transportation Occurrence Investigation Act. The Investigator-In-Charge was assigned, and an investigation team was launched to conduct the investigation.

Further information and progress of investigation for the case will be published on the TTSB website.



Sherry Liu, Safety Investigator
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