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Published Final Report of model  0423APCO (powered parachute) Ultra-light Vehicle Occurrence Investigation

Publication Date 2022-01-03
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The Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB) published the Final Report on the investigation of model 0423APCO (powered parachute) Ultra-light Vehicle Occurrence.

On April 23rd, 2021, about local time 1230, an ultra-light vehicle (powered parachute) model APCO THRUST HP S, with one operator on-board, took off from the sea-viewing platform of Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County, and then crashed onto the beach outside the sea-viewing platform.

About 1232, a local police officer received the occurrence notification. Two eyewitnesses rushed to crash site assist for rescue, the operator maintained a clear consciousness and was sent to Taitung Macai Hospital for emergency treatment. The operator was seriously injured and hospitalized for 15 days. The vehicle suffered light damage in repairable condition, and there is no fire or oil leakage on site.

According to the Transportation Occurrence Investigation Act of the Republic of China (ROC), and the content of Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB), an independent transportation occurrence investigation agency, was responsible for conducting the investigation. The investigation team also included members from Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) and. Taitung County Government


  1. The probable cause of this accident is that the vehicle’s maneuverability and stability were affected by unstable airflow during low altitude operation. The operator accidentally lost control and fell to the ground due to fear of drifting into the sea with the umbrella rope to control the direction.
  2. The operator did not hold an ultralight vehicle operation certificate. The vehicle was assembled by the operator himself, and it has not been inspected by the Civil Aviation Administration, and the operator remodeled the vehicle and updated the engine without performing relevant adjustments, which might increase to the potential flight risk.
  3. The operational filed is not a legal airspace.

Transportation Safety recommendation:
Arising from the conclusions of the investigation, the following safety recommendations are issued to relevant organizations.

To Taitung County Government :
Comprehensively review illegal ultra-light vehicle activities under the jurisdiction; assist the Civil Aeronautics Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in strengthening the ban on the illegal ultra-light vehicles in the jurisdiction.

To Civil Aeronautics Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications:
Re-examine the illegal ban on ultra-light vehicles, and counsel the related activities’ legalization.


(Detailed information please refer to full Final Report)
Full Final Report in Chinese is available for download at


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