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AL2816 Ultra-light Vehicle Occurrence Initial Report

Publication Date 2022-08-08
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On August 6, 2022, an Ikarus C42B ultra-light vehicle, control number AL2816, took off from Jiehao activity field, Gaoshu Township, Pingtung County at 1710L. There were one operator and one occupant aboard. At about 1744L, it crashed on the sandbank of Ailiao River between Gaoshu Bridge and Nanhua Bridge. It burst into fire and the two people on board sustained fatal injuries.

After receiving the notification, the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB) immediately launched an on-scene team heading to the scene. The on-scene team performed wreckage inspections, site surveys and related evidence collections.

Further information and progress of the occurrence investigation will be published on the TTSB website.



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