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TransAsia Airways GE235 Flight Occurrence

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Loss of Control-Inflight(LOC-I)
Avions De Transport Regional/ATR72-600
Outside Airport/5.4km ESE of RCSS end of RWY 10


On February 4th, 2015, TransAsia Airways flight GE 235, an ATR72-600, registration B-22816, took off from Taipei Songshan Airport for Kinmen, Taiwan. There were 58 people onboard, including 3 flight crew (one as observer), 2 cabin crew, and 53 passengers. At 1054 hrs, the aircraft crashed into Keelung River at 5.4 km ESE from the end of RWY 10 of Songshan Airport, 43 onboard received fatal injuries, 14 received serious injuries, 1 received minor injury, and 2 people on ground also received injuries to different extent.

Preliminary data indicates that about 36 seconds after takeoff the engine no.2 auto-feathered, about 46 seconds subsequent to auto-feather the engine no.1 was shut off.