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TRA’s Train No. 7142 at Chenggong Station

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Operating Agency
Taiwan Railway Administration, MOTC (TRA)
Car type
Diesel Electric Locomotive
Derailment on mainline
Chenggong Station, Taichung City


On May 4, 2021, Train No. 7142, the northbound cargo train of Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA), departed from Changhua Station to Houli Station. At 09:35 when the train entered the mainline from the siding of Chenggong Station, the No.19 switch was not flipped to the reverse position, causing the point switch of turnout squeezed by the wheelset of the bogie. The driver stopped the train immediately, while the train conductor informed the driver to operate the train backward. The train then derailed at the junction of siding and mainline and stopped at K203+552. There were no fatalities or injuries in this occurrence.