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TRA’s Train No. 2721 at Zhuoshui Station

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Operating Agency
Taiwan Railway Administration, MOTC (TRA)
Car type
Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive
Train fire on mainline
Between Yuanquan Station (Changhua County) and Zhuoshui Station (Nantou County)


At 1610 on June 1, 2020, Train number 2721, Local Train of Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC (TRA) ran between Yuanquan Station and Zhuoshui Station (Jiji Line). The driver found the Oil Pressure indicator on the bridge was off and stopped the train immediately.  A fire was found at the bottom of the first compartment (on the hood of turbocharger) and put out by the driver with a dry powder fire extinguisher.  The Train Master evacuated the passengers onboard and reported to Zhuoshui Station. There were no fatalities or injuries in the occurrence.