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Closed Investigations
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NO. Date Title Aircraft Model Location Report
01 2020-06-17 B-AAA01403 Drone Occurrence UAV/AVIX AXH-E230 Anping Fishing Port, Anping Dist., Tainan City Executive Summary
02 2020-06-14 China Airlines Flight CI202 Oc... Airbus Industrie/A330-302 Airport / RWY 10 at Taipei Shogshan Airport Executive Summary
03 2020-04-07 National Airborne Service Corp... Eurocopter/AS365N2 Executive Summary
04 2020-02-07 0207 Sky Arrow 55 drone occurr... GEOSAT/Sky Arrow 55 Kai-Syuan Junior High School, Yilan County Executive Summary
05 2019-05-02 Mandarin Airlines Flight AE793... Avions De Transport Regional/ATR72-600 Approximately 36 nm South of RCYU,2.3 nm from the coastline。 Executive Summary
06 2019-04-20 Far Eastern Air Transport Flig... Avions De Transport Regional/ATR72-600 runway 36 Executive Summary
07 2019-03-24 Scoot Tigerair TR996 Occurrenc... Airbus Industrie/A320-232 Near waypoint JAMMY, approximately 22 nm South west of RCTP Executive Summary
08 2019-03-09 China Airlines CI122 Occurrenc... Boeing/B747-400 Executive Summary
09 2019-01-27 0127 Ultra-light Vehicle Occur... Ultra Light/APCO Pingtung County/Approximately 9.15 nm East North-East of RCSQ Executive Summary
10 2018-12-14 China Airlines Flight CI6844 O... Boeing/B747-400F O5L runway Executive Summary
11 2018-12-05 National Airborne Service Corp... Eurocopter/AS365N3 Keelung City/11 nm West of Pengjia Islet, Keelung City Executive Summary
12 2018-11-04 National Airborne Service Corp... Eurocopter/AS365N2 RCKH/approx. SW 6 nautical miles Executive Summary
13 2018-09-14 PM1052 Ultra-light Vehicle Occ... Ultra Light/PM1052 Approximately 21 nm North of RCKU Executive Summary
14 2018-09-02 0902 Powered paraglider Occurr... Ultra Light/THRUST HP M Sanshing Township/24nm southeast by Runway of RCSS Executive Summary
15 2018-08-22 Mandarin Airlines AE788 Occurr... Avions De Transport Regional/ATR72-600 runway 36 Executive Summary
16 2018-07-09 APEX Flight Academy AFA72 Occu... Diamond/DA-40NG RCKH/approx. SW 11 miles Executive Summary
17 2018-07-08 0708Skylark IIS Ultra-light Ve... Ultra Light/Skylark IIS ./Approximately 10 nm South West of RCYU Executive Summary
18 2018-07-02 Far Eastern Air Transport Flig... Boeing/MD82 7nm east from Runway28 of RCSS Executive Summary
19 2018-04-23 Daily Air DA7012 runway excurs... Viking Air/DHC-6-400 Runway 09 Executive Summary
20 2018-03-15 Aerospace Industrial Developme... IAI/Astra-SPX RWY36 Executive Summary
21 2018-02-05 NASC NA-706 Occurrence Sikorsky/UH-60 Approximately 2 nm South west of RCLY Executive Summary
22 2018-01-06 0106 Home Built Ultra-light ve... Ultra Light/home built Chenggong Town/30nm northeast of RCFN Executive Summary
23 2017-11-22 EVA Airways BR56 Occurence Boeing/B777-300ER RJFM/approx.ENE 42 miles Executive Summary
24 2017-06-30 NASC NA-703 Occurrence Sikorsky/UH-60 Approximately 8 nm north west of RCMQ Executive Summary
25 2017-06-10 Emerald Pacific Airlines B-311... Bell Helicopter/Bell-206B Feng-Bin Township/Hualien County Executive Summary
26 2017-04-13 Daily Air Corp. DA7511 Occurre... Viking Air/DHC-6-400 Lanyu Airport Runway 13 Executive Summary
27 2017-03-11 0311Storch ultralight vehicle ... Ultra Light/STORCH S500 LSA In a farmland besides the end of a private aerodrome in Pito Township, Changhua Executive Summary
28 2016-12-07 China Airlines CI027 Occurrenc... Boeing/B737-800 Approximately 45 miles off the coast of the Philippines Executive Summary
29 2016-11-17 AJ2666 Ultra-light vehicle occ... Ultra Light/Remos GX Pingtung County Gaushu Township/Airfield Saijia Executive Summary
30 2016-10-01 China Airlines CI704 Occurrenc... Airbus Industrie/A330-300 Runway Executive Summary