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Ongoing Investigations
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NO. Title Date Location Report
01 Collision between Hsun Hu No. ... 2023-12-13 4.3 miles south of Qimei Island, Penghu County Preliminary Report
02 Collision between a recreation... 2023-11-25 7 nautical miles west of Anping Port, Tainan City Preliminary Report
03 Fishing Boat GUO TONG NO.3 maj... 2023-10-03 630 nm to Kushiro port,Japan Preliminary Report
04 Collision of Taiwan flag tugbo... 2023-08-25 Fuao port, Lienchiang County Preliminary Report
05 ANGEL Container Vessel Major M... 2023-07-20 about 2.8 nautical miles (5 km) from the south breakwater of the port of Kaohsiung Factual Data Report
06 Chun I No.6 Fishing Boat Major... 2023-07-15 highseas Preliminary Report
07 WAN HAI 312 Container Vessel M... 2023-07-10 Kaohsiung Port Factual Data Report
08 Passenger Cargo Ship Double Lu... 2023-07-03 Jiangjun fishing harbor Preliminary Report
09 TAIMA STAR passenger cargo shi... 2023-06-03 about 24 nautical miles south of Dongyin Island Factual Data Report
10 Sheng Feng No.266 Fishing Vess... 2023-03-24 540 miles northwest of Rabaul Port, Papua New Guinea Factual Data Report
11 HYUNDAI TOKYO Container Ship M... 2023-03-20 Kaohsiung Port Factual Data Report