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Closed Investigations
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NO. Title Date Location Report
01 Jinshengfa No.13 Fishing Boat ... 2023-01-29 21 nautical miles southeast of Suao Harbor in Yilan County Final Report
02 Shu Yan No.1 Fishing Raft Majo... 2023-01-21 the waters of Shanban Bay, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County Final Report
03 Shunfan No.23 Fishing Vessel M... 2023-01-10 139 miles southeast of Penang Port in Malaysia Final Report
04 Ocean Star No.8 Small Cargo Sh... 2023-01-08 16.65 miles northwest of Mudou Island, Penghu County Final Report
05 Jinsheng No.1 Fishing Boat Maj... 2022-12-30 268 nautical miles southwest of Eluanbi Final Report
06 Longsheng Sampan Major Marine ... 2022-12-24 the shore of Changtanli, Keelung Final Report
07 Qingyuan No.168 Sampan Major M... 2022-12-16 1.5 nautical miles northwest of Chaishan, Kaohsiung City Final Report
08 KOOMBANA BAY Bulk Carrier Majo... 2022-12-09 Kaohsiung no.1 port entrance Final Report
09 Xin Ji Xing Fishing Boat Major... 2022-12-04 0.3 mile from the open sea of Guihou Final Report
10 Tay Jye Cherng No.1 Fishing Bo... 2022-11-23 20 nautical miles north of Pengjia Islet Final Report
11 Nanshi Raft No.1725 Fishing Ra... 2022-11-15 3.2 miles off the coast of Jiangjun Fishing Port in Tainan Final Report
12 Jin Yi No.1 Fishing Raft Major... 2022-11-10 0.02 miles away from Nan'ao Beach, Nan'ao Township, Yilan County Final Report
13 Xiangqing Fishing Boat Major M... 2022-11-06 403 nautical miles south east of Kushiro port, Japan Final Report
14 Sheng Yu Fishing Boat Major Ma... 2022-10-13 13 miles southeast of Eluanbi, Pingtung County Final Report
15 An Wen Fa Fishing Boat Major M... 2022-09-29 310 miles southeast of Kushiro Port in Japan Final Report
16 Xie Fu Shun No.6 Fishing Boat ... 2022-09-06 0.5 nautical miles south of Wai An Fishing Port, Xiyu Township, Penghu County Final Report
17 Shunyuan No.2 Fishing Boat Maj... 2022-08-30 3 nautical miles southwest of the second port of Kaohsiung Port Final Report
18 Los Angeles No.1 Private Yacht... 2022-08-07 1 nautical mile off the coast of Dali Fishing Port, Yilan County Final Report
19 Xiao Hei Sampan Major Marine O... 2022-07-29 the sea area of Fuguodun, Kinmen County Final Report
20 FEDERAL SW Bulk Carrier Major ... 2022-07-10 Hoping Port Final Report
21 Viva Fafa No.707 Fishing Boat ... 2022-06-08 310 nautical miles off from Papua New Guinea Rabaul port Final Report
22 Fengya No.18 Fishing Boat Majo... 2022-05-13 1205 nautical miles away from the port of Dhaka, Senegal Final Report
23 Da Fa No.1 General Cargo Vesse... 2022-04-26 12 miles southwest of Ludao Final Report
24 Ying Mei Fishing Raft Major Ma... 2022-04-13 the open sea of A Lang Yi Historical Trail Final Report
25 De Rong Fishing Boat Major Mar... 2022-04-09 the open sea of Waipu Fishing Port Final Report
26 DONGYANG NO.6 Working boat Maj... 2022-04-09 Keelung Islet Final Report
27 Jin Xiang Fishing Raft Major M... 2022-03-20 0.3 mile from Dawu Fishing Port Final Report
28 Jin Rong Tasir Fishing Boat Ma... 2022-03-17 2180 miles from northeast of Nanfangao Final Report
29 Shui Ming Fu Fishing Boat Majo... 2022-03-13 5 miles from Eluanbi Final Report
30 Shin Feng Yng Fishing Boat Maj... 2022-03-10 2 miles from east of Sandiao Final Report